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Your contribution means that we can continue to provide our families with the programs and services offered by Candlelighters. Your gift today, will provide hope and relief to families battling cancer. Candlelighters is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by the law.


Donation Options

General Donations:

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How far will your donation go? Here are some ways your generous gifts are helping Candlelighters families:

$10,000 Provides parking assistance at the Texas Medical Center for 800 families – the equivalent to the number of appointments in one week!
  $5,000 Allows for our Parent Consultants to continue working around-the-clock to provide emotional support to families of children with cancer
  $2,500 Covers the average yearly parking cost for ONE family currently receiving treatment at the Texas Medical Center
  $1,000 Provides funeral assistance to families who’s child has lost their battle
     $600 Sends a family to Camp CLIFF
     $300 Provides a “Bundle of Joy” to families in need for the holidays
     $200 Provides gas cards for those families needing to travel into the Texas Medical Center for treatment
     $150  Sends a child to Camp CLIFF
     $100  Provides groceries and meal passes for families staying in the Texas Medical Center
       $75  Provides ONE week of parking assistance for ONE family
       $50  Provides supplies for weekly support group meetings