Fall Family Festival

The Candlelighters Fall Family Festival is a wonderful event that is free of charge to all of the Candlelighters Families. The Festival is a time where the children can be away from the hospital to have fun without being around the everyday ordeals of cancer. The 8th grade students at St. John’s always host a fun array of games, carnival events, recreational activities and surprises. The festival also has raffle prizes that include movies, games, food, and bicycles.


October 27, 2019
2:00 – 4:00 PM
St. John’s School
3333 Claremont Lane
Houston, Texas  77019

For family reservations, please call (713) 270-4700

For event information, sponsorship information or volunteer opportunities, please contact
Carly Bradshaw
at [email protected] or (713) 270-4700